Bio Jay chique

Absolute tastemaker, with different styles..

Started Dj ing on his 15 age when he get a discjockey workshop at school. Not only play music, but playing with music, touch the music, the feeling... Thats the way he love music.

On a young age he enjoys big clubs and events to get more motivated and see how it feels and works. He start to create his own music style and skills, that give him more taste in his music live. In 2006 he started playing music in small clubs in Rotterdam and Breda, where he has built up experience. Later he participated in dj contests in Amsterdam TWSTD 3 times 1st place and Rotterdam Hollywood (3th place). After this experience music gives him more kick, that he started to create his own music remixes. After sharing his music he get his international bookings in Germany, Poland, Belguim and Turkey.

Building great party...??!! no one else know better..!!!

Bio Jay chique